Tuesday, June 18, 2002

Florida Private School Expansion

In answer to one traditional argument against school choice: that there is not enough private school capacity to handle voucher students, this article in the Miami Herald shows how quickly private schools start adding capacity when faced with the prospect of voucher students.

Five county schools received their second F in four years Wednesday, when the state released public school grades for the 2001-02 academic year. They are the county's first double-F schools. Their students are now eligible to transfer to a better-performing public school or to get an ''Opportunity Scholarship'' -- a voucher -- to attend a private school.

Eyeing about $4,000 per transfer student and subjected to minimal oversight, 57 Miami-Dade private schools have signed up with the state for the voucher program.

Some schools that volunteered to accept vouchers are now building additions, renovating classrooms and adding grades to meet the new demand for a private education paid for with public dollars.

Four of the 57 schools -- El Shaddai School, Il Savior Academy, Trinity Christian School and one Lincoln-Martí school -- told the state they had no students this year, meaning they may use vouchers to fill their first seats.

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