Thursday, July 18, 2002


David Kirkpatrick from asks the questions that are never asked about the public education establishment.

Here's some sample questions:

WHY, if the process is valid, is certification required for those who teach in the public schools but not for the education professors who teach others to teach in the public schools?

WHY does schooling require more certification credentials than any other profession -- to teach at the elementary level, to teach at the secondary level, to be an elementary school principal, to be a secondary school principal, to be a superintendent, ad infinitum?

WHY do so many educators complain about excessive government regulation (about which they are right) but oppose any attempts to enact meaningful deregulation of the system?

WHY do opponents still claim vouchers are unconstitutional after the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled otherwise? Had they won their case would they accept choice supporters saying the Court is wrong?

WHY does the American Civil Liberties Union oppose school choice, when that same 1925 U.S. Supreme Court decision said parental right to determine a child's education is a civil liberty?

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