Monday, August 05, 2002

Angry Parent Syndrome

The Education Intelligence Agency writes that APS is becoming an epidemic in our public schools "for some reason" according to some members of the education establishment:

The disorder is "angry parent syndrome," described by the coiner of the phrase, Charlotte, North Carolina, attorney James G. Middlebrooks, as "a chronic condition involving widespread disenchantment with public education." Middlebrooks presented a workshop on the condition at the annual conference of the National School Boards Association last spring, and since then has been making the rounds of NSBA's state affiliates.

"Public education is viewed as just another commodity," Middlebrooks told On Board, the publication of the New York State School Boards Association. "People have a consumer mentality and have learned to get what they want by pounding on the table." He told school board members to place a priority on anger management and to guard their own safety. On Board reports Middlebrooks saying that "some parents seem out of touch with objective reality, and no amount of placating will ever satisfy them."

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