Tuesday, December 10, 2002

Affirmative Action Linking?

Homeschooling blogger Isabel Lyman describes an apparent new trend by edu-bloggers:

Name Game. Dr. Daryl Cobranchi, who runs the "other" homeschooling blog, has a new, politically-correct last name. Here's his explanation: "The Confidence Man on Saturday blogged a story out of the Sunday NYT on the controversy surrounding Rice University's new affirmative action, er, admissions policy. The school is not permitted to base admissions on ethnic or racial background but it somehow manages to do so anyway. Hmm - my mother's maiden name is Suarez. Think I'll start hyphenating my last name; I wonder if Instapundit has an affirmative action linking policy. Daryl Suarez-Cobranchi." Amigo, thanks to you, I am seriously thinking of using my mom's maiden name. How does Isabel Azuola-Lyman sound? Maybe I will get featured in the NYT with that moniker.

Unfortunately, my maiden name is Byrne and my mother's maiden name is Ward. Oh well, I guess I have to rely on gender.

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