Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Propaganda Mills

Via Center for Education Reform:

"Time for Kids" is a news weekly that schools purchase to distribute to kids about current events. Most of the time it's relatively harmless. But the issue that came home to families all over the country last week about the pending war in Iraq is so full of distortions and misrepresentations of fact that it not only fails in its educational mission but it actually will miseducate students.

The document said that Saddam Hussein was elected by 100 percent of the people of Iraq, with no reference to the fact that there was no democratic process in place. The piece also said that the president wants to go to war, not mentioning the human rights violations or terrorist connections. Saddam's denial of having bad weapons is offered with no contradiction. Whoever at AOL/Time Warner is responsible for the publication of this weekly might consider taking a history lesson before they are permitted to issue such propaganda to kids.

This is why Marshall Fritz believes in the separation of school and state. And why I believe in the separation of school and Time Warner.

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