Monday, May 19, 2003

Educators Lose Their Minds in Birmingham

Not only can kids not take the weight of their books, they also can't seem to handle having their parents watch them race--according to one school in the UK:

A primary school's banned parents from attending its annual sports day to spare children from embarrassment if they lose.

The head of Maney Hill Primary in Sutton Coldfield, Judith Wressel, wrote to parents to tell them of her decision.

She says the West Midlands school will instead hold a non-competitive sports day behind closed doors.

Mrs Wressel wrote: "Taking part in traditional races can be difficult and often embarrassing for many children, which is why we envisage a different outdoor activity event that will suit all children."

While I realize that these individual school stories represent extreme behavior, I also believe the adage that the extremes make less extreme but equally ludicrous behavior like banning dodgeball and tag seem moderate. As one local parent with two sons in the school aptly notes:

"It is political correctness gone mad. They are trying to solve a problem that does not exist. Children do not become scarred for life if they lose the egg and spoon race. They all love being in the races and they love the fact that their parents are there to cheer them on."

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