Monday, October 20, 2003

Colorado School Voucher Update

Over at Reason's Hit and Run, they are having a vigorous discussion (see the comments) of Colorado's implementation of their new school voucher program. The discussion stems on the extent of "state vetting" of the schools being allowed to participate.

From Hit and Run:

Addendum: A writer at the Rocky Mountain news writes to note that almost half of those 82 schools were denied participation in the program, including the school that threatened to expel gay students. Repulsive as I personally find that particular policy, this does raise the sort of concerns many in the comments had about public control of private school poilcy. The Supreme Court ruled in Zelman v Simmons-Harris that voucher programs are immunized from Establishment Clause scrutiny on the grounds that they enable "true private choice" rather than state favoritism. In other words, the constitutionality depends on parents, rather than government, making the central choices. That reasoning seems prima facie incompatible with this kind of aggressive state vetting.

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