Thursday, May 27, 2004

From the Public School Corruption Files, "The Case of the Missing Bus."

In this case both the principal and the assistant principal are stealing school funds.
The principal of a D.C. public school was dismissed after officials concluded that he purchased two buses with school money and that one of them might have been sold in Panama.

One bus sits unused in a school lot, but the other has not been located. A clue to its whereabouts is in a letter written by the fired principal, Enrique Watson, in which he portrays himself as a bus salesman to a potential client in his native Panama, said John M. Cashmon, the school system's director of compliance.

The assistant principal followed her boss's example.
The dismissal letter also said that the assistant principal forged Watson's signature on some checks and that the principal failed to review the bank statement and canceled checks, a violation of regulations. The assistant principal, Awilda Hernandez, was terminated in December. She could not be located for comment.

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