Monday, August 16, 2004

Send them back to the classroom!

Miami Superintendent Rudy Crew reassigns more than 130 teachers working in administrative offices to teach in struggling schools.

The reassignments come from a pool of roughly 500 teachers who are on special assignment to outside-the-classroom jobs, such as teacher development, curriculum planning and student assessments.

This is why urban school districts do not have any money. Imagine a charter school or a private school with this kind of certified staff in nonclassroom roles. Large districts have hundreds of teachers on the payroll (not to mention other certified staff) that never interact with a single student.

Of course the article does note that:

"Some have not taught students in decades."

And guess which schools get these unprepared reassignments?

"Almost all are being sent to the Superintendent's School Improvement Zone, a group of 39 low-performing schools."

Just another day in the life of a child in a low-performing school.

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