Thursday, October 14, 2004

It's Not A Squirtgun

Guest post from Daddy (Mike Snell)

My breakfast conversation this morning with my son Jake revolved around how the Second Amendment isn’t about duck hunting with a little foray and explanation of how attitudes about guns have worsened over the last fifty years or so. We chatted for a while about America’s revolution and why Jefferson and those guys wanted to make sure we always had our guns. Then I warned him that he would almost certainly run across anti-gun animosity and bias as he got older, particularly in school.

As the conversation meandered, he assured me that “teachers don’t like guns”. This surprised me a bit because he’s only in third grade so I wondered aloud if he had already run into that sort of thing.

He allowed that he hadn’t but made the point that it was “really obvious that teachers don’t like guns because if you bring a toy gun to school you get kicked out.”

Then he related the “Squirt Gun Day” story. Well, I was aware that there was an officially scheduled day every so often when the kids could bring squirt guns to school. This was typically on some blazing hot day when a stream of tepid water in the face would more than likely be seen as a welcome relief to the unrelenting heat. The kicker was that I didn’t know the kids were forbidden to call them “Squirt Guns”. They were “Squirters” instead. Jake thought that was pretty silly. So did I.

But, it gets worse, this didn’t happen at any public school. This bit of pee cee absurdity was apparently official policy at the private school Jake attended in first grade.

Big Sigh.

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