Thursday, January 19, 2006

Lisa Guest of Walter Williams On The Limbaugh Show

This is the trusty husband, guest posting...... and braggin' on the Old Lady.

Walter Williams will be sitting in for Rush Limbaugh on Friday January 20, 2006 and barring some off-the-wall Murphyism, Lisa will join him during the 1:00 pm (EST) hour (10:00 am PST). I'm betting the Meathead Initiative will come up, but the they'll be discussing education generally as well as education choice, particularly in view of the Florida Supers, who recently went on record in finding educational choice to be unconstitutional by saying that....

....private schools aren't uniform when compared with each other or (with) the public system

Now, there's a revelation. In the words of Huey Lewis, Sometimes Bad Is Bad, and, apparently so long as it's uniformly bad, like say, Compton or Oakland, then it's okay. They certainly didn't mean districts like ours where some schools are high performing and some are, well, not uniform. Your Results May Vary. Wait. If public schools aren't actually uniform, then Fla's public schools are, by definition, unconstitutional. Gladys! Get Fla on the line.

Ron Meyer, lead attorney for the coalition that included the teachers union, the PTA, League of Women Voters, & the NAACP that challenged the voucher program had this to say.

It (the victory) means that Florida's taxpayers will not be forced to pay for schools which are unaccountable. The public schools of Florida will welcome the return of these voucher students at the end of the school year.

Not mentioned is this: The 700 affected students are 95% minority and will be welcomed back to the absolute dregs of the most abysmal schools in Florida. Those students vouchered out of the public school system in the first place because the program was designed to get kids out of the worst of Florida's failing schools.

On that note, anybody see John Stossel's Stupid In America: How We Cheat Our Kids Friday night? A calculated effort to induce anger and tears to be sure, but it worked.

Institute for Justice represented the families and has the details of the whole sordid affair here.

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