Tuesday, May 23, 2006

On Air This Afternoon

I'll be in Pasadena today as a guest on Patt Morrison's show on KPCC (NPR) . It is scheduled live for 2:00 pm Pacific Daylight Time (5:00 EDT). I'm probably debating former venture capitalist Phil Halperin (again), president of Silver Giving and huge supporter of Universal Preschool. I'm tentatively scheduled for the early part of the program.

There's a listen live radio button on KPCC's main page or if you're local tune in 89.3 FM.

Upcoming Appearances

On Wednesday I'm taping a half hour segment in LA for Adlephia Cable's local programming. Later in the day I'll be in San Diego taping for the KPBS Full Focus show. I'm not sure when that will air so check back for updates.

Thanks for your interest and support in reforming public education.

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