Sunday, July 16, 2006

Off To Wisconsin

It eats up your weekend to fly on Sunday morning, but Lisa is scheduled to testify before the Wisconsin legislature Monday morning so she's off to LAX. She'll be pointing out the pitfalls of the plan to lock Cheesehead kids into a universal pre-school style plan.

She was a bit glum about the prospects and the flight. Being that my glass is always half-empty, I cheered her up with my observation that in fifty years all this wouldn't much matter because the state will mandate universal tax-paid public education from birth to age twenty.

That put a little fire in her eyes.

Probably, she countered, but I still beat Rob Reiner.

With a little help from her friends, a couple twenties, and some bailing wire, she turned back the rising tide.

And what's so small to you
Is so large to me
If it's the last thing I do
I'll make you see

Like Suzanne Vega, Lisa's got a Rock In Her Pocket.

She appreciates all of your support.

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