Friday, June 08, 2007

Mr Mom

I've been House Dad this week while Lisa is camped out at the Hyatt Regency across the river from the most recognizable skyline in the known world.

The Alliance For School Choice hosts this strategy confab called Battling in the Trenches for those who believe that choice is more than some reproductive rights buzzword.

Why is it that so many people are pro-choice except when it comes to where your kid goes to school? Oh sure, middle class schools do fine and we all went to public school and we survived and we did okay. But what about the kids that are confined to Locke High School in LA, where it isn't even safe to use the toilet? If there is to be even a glimmer of the American Dream for those kids, they need the right of exit.

As Always,

Mr Margaret Thatcher, er, ah, Mr Lisa Snell

Photo Credit: Lisa Snell

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