Monday, November 26, 2007

Sometimes A Cigar Is STILL A Cigar
(even if someone already smoked it)

Gentle Readers,

Hi, it's Mr Education Weak with a little screed for today that just may be marginally connected to education issues.

To protect the flavor and to keep the cigar from drying out, Romeo Y Julieta Cigars come in a really fancy aluminum tube with a cushioned screw cap. After a night out with the Kosmik Kid in Palm Springs, I, Mr Education Weak, end up with just such a tube in my pocket. Yeah, I know, how did that happen? [shrugs]

The House Blond (our daughter Katie) spies it at breakfast. Being a kid, she immediately discerns the utility and the cool factor of this unique shiny cylinder. So I gave it to her.


Fast forward to this AM and I figure I better remind her not to take this fascinating and useful device to school with her to show her friends, because she will be expelled. Not expelled or disciplined for having an actual tobacco product on her person at her elementary school. But for the mere appearance of the possession of a tobacco product, which falls under the official zero tolerance polices of the educational extablishment.

Sharp as she is, I'm not sure it occurred to her that this might be a problem--just a little bit frightening (to me, anyway).

As Always,

The Wine Commonsewer

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