Monday, November 17, 2008

Be Our Guest

Last Friday's performances of Beauty and the Beast weren't what you'd expect of a grade school play because Paul Dean Martin of PDM Young Actors isn't an ordinary director.

With his encouragement and expectations, he's got these kids playing way out of their league. Five weeks from casting with twice a week rehearsals and no kid past the sixth grade, the curtain rises. That's professionalism. Sets, costumes, lighting, and sound: as Lumière might say to the dishes, it's all in the presentation. And quite a presentation at that. Both shows played to a full house.

This was Katie's first big break in showbiz and this is Be Our Guest from the final dress rehearsal (no video of the actual show was permitted). Disclaimer: There was something odd about the relationship of the spot light and the camera that seemed to wash out the color of her costume.

Katie & Mom

Katie & Mom backstage before the show

Katie & Belle

Feather Duster, Lumière, & Belle

Katie & feather

Cogsworth, Lumière, Feather Duster, & Mrs Potts,

Katie backstage

Backstage after the show

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