Tuesday, August 13, 2002

Parking Permit

Via Reason Express

No Free Parking

Earlier this year, the Supreme Court ruled that schools' legitimate interest in a drug-free campus meant it was OK to require students to take urine tests if they wanted to participate in extracurricular activities. The alternative, Justice Antonin Scalia implied, was "druggies who are orderly in class."

One school district is already pushing the limits of the decision. The Kimberly district in Wisconsin now says that, by applying for a parking permit, a student is agreeing to random drug testing. High school principal Mike Reitveld explains, "Parking is a privilege." Translated, that means if you don't want to pee in a cup, you must ride the bus for four years.

Parents have started to figure out what de facto drug testing as a condition of a normal high school experience means. "There's a lot of kids on medication for depression and anxiety, panic disorder, whatever, and I don't think it's the school's business," one said.

But that would just make them druggies who are orderly in class, wouldn't it?

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