Tuesday, August 13, 2002

Public School Crime Wave

In this is sad story of a Father who lied about his residence to get his daughters into a safer high school; public school officials have no mercy.

Levine, a second grade teacher at Wells Village School, is charged with giving false testimony to the Castleton Board of Civil Authority when questioned about his residency in November 2000. He faces four other charges of making false claims for enrolling his daughters in the Castleton public school. . . .

These charges carry a potential maximum fine of up to $36,000 and up to 32 years in jail. . . .

Levine said he had tried to set up a Castleton residence as a way of transferring his children out of Otter Valley. Even before the start of the school other students had begun to threaten his daughters, he said.

“I was doing this to protect my girls,” he said. “It was not done to get a free education.”
Levine said he had reason to be wary of the problems of harassment at OVUHS based on his son’s experience there. Levine said his son was expelled from the school in 1998 for bringing three knives to a “fun night.” He claimed his son had experienced almost daily harassment, name calling, and physical intimidation before the incident.

Levine said he had asked about using tuition credit to allow his girls transfer to another school, but was told by school officials it was not an option for seventh graders. He said he also asked for assurance that his daughters would not have the same harassment problems he said his son had, but got no answer.

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