Tuesday, October 08, 2002


While were on the subject of school drug policies Daryl Cobranchi covers a Boston Globe story on drug testing. He notes how drug-testing policies began with a narrow group of student athletes and have grown to potentially include every high school student.

So, to catch the 1.76% of student-athletes who were smoking and the 0.29% who were using illegal drugs, the school district subjected the other 97.9% to an invasive, embarassing, useless test. This testing craze started out with the "drug problem" among student-athletes. Then we started sliding downhill to testing students participating in competitive inter-scholastic events (like "choir"). This morphed into testing students who needed to drive to school. And now the slope carries us down to testing nearly everybody for pretty much any damn thing the schools decide to test for. Your tax dollars at work (and another good reason to HS).

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