Tuesday, October 08, 2002

Zero Judgement

Via reason Brickbats

Zero Tolerance, Zero Sense (10/8)

Joshua Erdkamp has been suspended for five days for not turning in a classmate's drugs quickly enough. When a classmate handed the eighth-grader some pot to pass to another student during class, he got up from his desk and threw the drugs away. After class, he told a trusted school counselor what had happened. His actions didn't satisfy the principal, who says Erdkamp should have told his teacher immediately. Since he didn't, he's being punished by the Nebraska school. That'll teach him to keep his mouth shut next time.

Similarly, Our Horrible Children has the latest on the suspended sophmore honor student who found a baggie of over-the-counter and prescription pills and didn't turn them into teachers because she was afraid they'd claim the drugs were hers.

The Florida high school student that was recommended for expulsion for "drug possession", after she found a baggie of pills outside the school, has been reinstated back into school by a hearing officer. John Allbritton, a local attorney who served as the hearing officer, said Teresa cannot be guilty of possession of an illicit substance if she didn't know what the pills were. "The argument of the superintendent that the fact that (the) student concealed the baggie and passed it onto her friend is evidence that she knew of the presence and illicit nature of the pill is without merit," he wrote in his order. "It is simply evidence of a frightened 15-year-old child who did not use good judgment and who probably would have done the same things, even if all of the pills had proven to be legal."

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