Monday, March 22, 2004

Popular Gang Color

Sometimes I just can't get over how much time the g-schools waste on stupid stuff.

Hundreds of students at Ensign Middle School wore pink to protest the exclusion of six boys from a class photograph because they refused to remove shirts sporting the color.

About 400 youngsters showed up Friday in pink shirts, pants or sweatbands. A day earlier, Principal Edward Wong banned six boys from a class portrait out of concern that their shirts might be associated with dance or party crews.

Officials in the Orange County school district said such crews, which stage dance contests and raves, can evolve into gangs.

The boys denied being in a crew and refused to change or cover their shirts.

"We just wanted to stand out in the picture," said Leo Garcia, 14. "No one's gonna keep us from wearing pink, or any other color."

Students said pink has become popular because it stands out and because "American Idol" host Ryan Seacrest often wears the hue.

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