Friday, May 14, 2004

For-Profit delivers more choices for college students

Imagine being able to access all of your college textbooks online without ever having to carry heavy books for 50 percent of the cost of buying traditional textbooks. Imagine what this innovation could do for the high cost of textbooks in the K-12 sector. In the future, K-12 could combine the success of the Maine laptop program for all students with all on-line textbooks. It seems to me that every major textbook publisher should move to offer this as an alternative to heavy textbooks. it would also solve the problem of outdated text-books, as it would be much more cost-effective to update textbooks online.

And as a bonus it would bring an end to the traditional fall newspaper stories discussing student back problems, backpacks, and heavy textbooks.

Beginning this fall, students can choose to buy a print edition textbook or access the same course-critical content by subscribing to one or more of over 300 SafariX WebBooks available this year at . The WebBooks will offer all the convenience and interactive benefits of the Web, allowing students to print pages, make annotations, take notes, search the full text, and add bookmarks to organize their study, anywhere they have browser access.

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